April 26, 2011

The Come Back Video from Youtube.

Yup this is it..
From youtube..
Thanks to Joshua Porly help me a lot for making this bloody video..
Using iMovie isn it?( Yup2 )

New Logo For A Come Back.

Im coming back.
With a brand new style.
My theme is Birds flying with pictures.
Hope you guys like it.

* i know some of people will be saying : Who the hell are you and what the hell you think you are?

April 17, 2011


i dont care if you want to boycott or ban...seriously i dont care..

wait for another one to come back.

group siapa ni?!

siapa punya kerja ni!?
syaza mahirah punya kerja.
saya tukang edit jee..
like usual, just for share. ngeeee..;D

April 5, 2011

2nd Round OutDoor

on the same time i directing people, of course i shoot jugak lahh..


1 day become director..eh 1 day ke? 2 day laaa..
of course you guys will be saying like this
"kau siapa nak direct orang?"


Officewear lah. Seriously, I dont know how to take picture. :D

Charlie Chaplin?

Is this the correct spelling?

there is no bloody motive in this picture,
1st picture: Fikri
2nd picture: aiman