July 31, 2011

July 22, 2011

Kulim. With water rafting!

this is exciting,
sedihnya x dapat bergambar time water rafting.

at the tree top walk, sempat masing2 pose!
before walking through the tree top walk
pose sebelum water confident and tubing
hijau dan sungai mengalir dari top view
top view from tree top walk

So, everyone get the award,

last week,
saya pergi ke hotel renaissance,
untuk penganugerahan kepada student cemerlang..
terasa cemerlang sikit..:)

sikit saya rasa sem lepas agak susah and complicated.
and then, x pasal-pasal dekan utk kali ke 3. :) alhamdulillah~

classmates, and lecturers
classmates, (l2r)haizum, azureen,rohaida.
with our junior..:)
classmate,(l2r) syaza,azureen,mili,rohaida
but this semester 5, its too hard for me, so i wont get any dean list again.

July 8, 2011

High Hills.

Last weekend, 1,2,3 july 2011
im on a trip,
trip to Colmare Tropicale, High Hills, Pahang.
For the first time i felt that Im in Amsterdam
Yah, the place will confusing you,
whether you are still in malaysia or not.

Im on assignment as well,
there is no vacation during study semester..( dats impossible )
I have to reshoot 3 times..for 3 days..Wow, AMAZING and IMPRESSIVE..
But well, the lecturer ask to reshoot for a better marks..
So we need to listen to them..

Alot of things happen there,
but i wont shared with you guys. :D

But i would like to share some pictures for you guys!!

Night scene, Peace and Quiet From Tower View
she is excited and cant wait to reach at the high japanese tea house
still can strike a pose...-,-!!

YOUNG ladies..
excited la weols..
its preety isn't? its like hidden village.