July 21, 2012


Nah, Part 1, kolej Tun Silver.
I sit in the room,
I snap snap..
They didnt notice me at all.
So fun.
Then I go out. Snap Snap some more..

So here it is.

Ini faris, dia bilik depan kita.  
 Hakka practice.
 Syahiran, the one that got away with 50k? *who cares*
 From this angle, we know that the blue guy is licking the black guy ear.
 No matter who you are or what you are, stay fierce, bitch! Coz you were born this way!
 Ju-On 1.
 Close up, romantic isn't it?
 Teamwork honey!
 Destiny Child's?
In this angle we know that, the guy in the blue showing something till the guy in the black get shocked. 
 Another Ju-On, different Episode.
 Squat Down. Shit Up!
Belly to BALLOON to Belly!

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