May 2, 2011

Equatorial..Is this right spelling?

Well, last saturday..on 30th April 2011,
after the Art History Malay Contemporary examination paper,
I went to PM MDS dinner,
Before the event start
My roommate forced me to go,
I was planning to go back home immediately after the paper.
Sigh.. So I decided to go...but with 1 condition no camera...
suddenly YDP MPP called me..
"kau jadi photographer malam nanti", then i replied "tak nak!"
so his using his power "kau nak duduk uitm lama tak?"
then i surrender...
the reason why I dont want to bring camera is..
I'M BAD IN PHOTOJOURNALISM..:) there you go..
so this is the result..
during this part..i was enjoying eating untill the MC called me personally..:) sorry! the food was fantastic!
my handsome la this boy!
HEP staff~
sweet couple....perhaps.....erkkkkk......
sweet couple.....perhapss.....erkkkkk
this is my table mate..:)
amount of student who join this dinner..:) like me..
pre wedding....perhapss....

see how fierce I am? Lol

there you go..last syiok sendiri shot...:)

as the result...
the pictures is horrible...;)


  1. gmbr yg fierce tu cool gila chaaa,, u remind me of miss J! haha :DD thumb up!

  2. lahh.....ada org baca rupa2nya..saya ingat takde..