May 2, 2011

Well this is my story :)

A baby boy born in Pusat Rawatan Islam, Kuala Lumpur on 4th September 1991. Ahmad Shahrulrezuan is my name. Born by my dad Kamaruddin, and my mom Rohana.. I own 7 siblings..3 brothers (including me) 4 sisters (excluding me) ;D Chill..for entertainment only..

Okey, 1st my school will be at SKSJ SS14...then i migrate to SK Seri Selangor USJ 4.. i was dumb during my primary school time.. 4B's 1C's (considered dumb laa..) dont get shock..I get B for my mathematics.. but got C in BM(pemahaman) then i grow older.. Form 1 untill form 3.. I was in SMK USJ 13 (yup..infront of my house..) how lucky am i got to school infront of my house.. -,- can wake up late morning? NOPE! Im a prefect during that time.. then i get my PMR result.. 5B's 3C's.. my C will go to History, Mathematics, Geography.. see how dumb I am.. then I apply Art stream because I realize that I'm DUMB....again. Then my SPM results will be 2A's 3B's 3c's..and my A's goes to Visual Arts and Science..(i feel a little
bit genius since I score A for science)

I don't like my secondary life. I mean..I REALLY don't like it.. the reason is I'm fat..Last time I am short+fat.. my weight will be 80kg..everyone don't want to be fat, I was shy to meet outsiders or even chatters (huh..!?) plus I don't have any confident level, and I'm low self-esteem.. Besides that, my face skin will be horrible and terrifying.. In easy words, I'm ugly.. red mark here, black heads there.. Untill my friend promote me 1 skin product and I kept using until I manage to kill those thingy.. Everyone said that I'm stinks, ugly, stupid fat sissy... Thanks guys!! Your building my hatred to you.. No one like me that time..

After I cleaned my face, another shocking moment happen.. PLKN!! YAHHHH PLKNNN!! Where some teenagers hate this thingy.. Some of teenagers said that this Program Latihan Khidmat Negara or National Service are abusing you.. For me, it's not! Why? I'm familiar with marching things.. So I manage to survive in this marching.. Then I love the exercise routine.. But the food...-,-..i really don't like em, because they can't beat my mom's cooking (of course!)..So I decided to eat less.. During class time, this is abusing me.. Why? Because they teach you like kindergarten kids.. You will not understand during class moment.. I met many friends and I learn other race culture life.. Its fun.. After 1 and 1/2 month.. I get back to home and wear my 34 jeans.. And the result, the jeans took off by its self..:) WOW!! ITS AMAZING!! MAGIC MOMENT HAPPEN.. My weight will be 56 at that time.. Happy.. Clap-clap-clap.. Everyone said its INCREDIBLE!!

Then I've been promoted to enter University Teknologi Mara in Melaka. Happening Now. I still can't believe that I entered a University. YEEHAA!! Its like a dream. Plus I'm in Art and Design. I taught I was incredible person, then I see others artwork.. (Holly SHIT!) They more incredible then me.. Never mind them.. So thats during semester 1.. The Faculty promoting me Photography and Creative Imaging department, although that course is my 4th choice of 9 department.. (1st graphic, 2nd printing technology, 3 fashion, 5th fine art)..I was like..not happy because I didn't get my 1st and 2nd and 3rd..-,- then I call my mom, and my mom told me try to change it.. then I replied, Lazy laahh.. So I continue my semester 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 in photography department.. In semester 2 I feel pressured, the % quit feeling will be 80%.. You don't know how I feel..because I have 0 knowledge with cam
era and photography skills and I didn't like photography at all..then I survived with 3.52...:) Dean List right! Then I feel to try my best again on the 3rd semester.. Hell yeah!! Big Improvement! 3.53!! =,=! but still Dean List!! Now, I'm in semester 4! And Semester 4 is already end..waiting for the results..and waiting for semester 5 to open.

So, in my head, I'm thinking about:
1. To hate my secondary school life! (Some of this part was AWESOME! Part of my classmatesand teachers. Love you all!)
2. To improve my English! (Since Im having BAD ENGLISH..especially writing)
3. To behave myself! (Since I've been a very very bad boy!)
4. To maintain my weight! (Not gaining weight like secondary school time.)
5. To increase knowledge about photography. (since it is important to me.)
6. To increase my results! (since its carrying my future)

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